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Bi-Bright is designed by visual communicators that are either less confident or assertive lecturers, introverts, talkers and speakers… for all people out there just like us. Made by people for people.

We invite you to meet, talk and play with us on stand G130. Together we can make and even #BrighterBett!

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Global Education Solution


The presence of technology in education is opening new opportunities for students and teachers both on the transmission of knowledge as in the learning outcomes.

Collaboration Software

Collaboration leverages synergies between people and allows them to stimulate creativity, share knowledge and ultimately increase their involvement and growth.


The appearances of new learning models create a demand for innovative multimedia educational resources that facilitate learning and assist teachers in their task to prepare the future brilliant minds.

Education Management System

Considering the complex educational environment, understanding the process and the involved stakeholders, the management becomes simpler and completely integrated.


Guaranteeing ergonomic and mobile characteristics in order to turn furniture in versatile equipment and assure that the same space can be transformed and used for different ways, has become a high need for today’s reality.

Write & Display

Assisting education professionals in their daily activity by making the learning process easier, write and display products become ideal to all areas where communication has a need to be present.


To allow teachers, educators and administrators to focus seemingly on their tasks, services and training become essential, whereas with the technical aspects of equipment deployment or with the potential that ICT can have for education.

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Flipped Learning

Last year we presented GES because Education isn’t a one-sided track but a whole complex and wonderful ecosystem, solutions should be developed considering all its modules and particularities. That is the reason why this year now we're going a step further, we will Flip Classrooms: to help teachers Flip Learning and taking them to empower student’s role as contributors of their own learning process.

Before Class

1 - Before Class

Students prepare to participate in class activities

During Class

2 - During Class

Students practice applying key concepts with feedback

After Class

3 - After Class

Students check their understanding and extend their learning

According to Flipped Learning Network

For more information visit Flipped Learning Network to learn more about Flipped Learning and to connect with the community.

From You To Bangladesh

We will donate an interactive whiteboard and projector to Cambrian College in Dhaka. These students are sponsored by Maria Cristina Foundation that since 2005 helps children from the slums of Bangladesh realize their potential. We need your help get to Bangladesh - give us a small part of your time to play a simple game. Each round is 1 km closer to the 10 337 Km necessary to arrive to Dhaka.

Play and help us contribute to this cause


Follow the journey under #FromYouToBangladesh and don’t forget to share with your friends. Spread education by spreading the word.

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